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RM 59,900.00

F30 Hybrid Drone

F30 is a hybrid drone which is powered by gasoline/petrol and batteries. It is capable of carrying 28L of payload volume. With one tank of gasoline/petrol, it can operate up to 45 mins of flight time, and can cover 6 hectares of the working area.

Mightier than Expected

The F30 uses a powerful petrol-driven generator to charge the batteries while the LiPo batteries work as the backup power source. With this powerful generator, it is capable of 45 minutes of flight time.

Be Safe Everywhere

As a prerequisite for any drone operation, the F30 is equipped with three obstacle avoidance modules in the front, back and downward direction to ensure safety within the working area.

Unstoppable Operation

A 4.5L petrol tank carries sufficient energy to ensure 3 times of continuous spraying work for a full tank of liquid (28L).

Vision Secured

For a safer operation, the F30 comes with a real-time front camera which provides an FOV of 120º wide angle. Operators can monitor the real-time condition right in front of the F30. The two powerful LEDs are able to provide better lighting for the operators when working at night.

Covers Everywhere

A 28 L liquid tank is installed in F30 to maximize the efficiency of the operation and utilizes the power of the hybrid F30. With the default setup of 8 nozzles, the spray width can reach up to 8 meters.

Tech Specs

Drone Wheelbase

2100 mm

Drone Size

1800 * 2000 * 730 mm (Unfolded)
730 * 1055 * 730 mm (Folded)

Drone Weight

42 kg (Empty Load)
70 kg (Full Load)

Frame Material

Imported 3K Carbon Fibre

Arm Thickness

36 * 40 mm

Tank Volume

28 L

Spray Width

6 - 8 m


12 hectare / hour
30 acre / hour

Flight Controller


Power System

10015 85 KV (Motor)
FOC 150 A (ESC)
3612 (Propeller)

Water Pump System

10 L / min (Spray Rate)

Working Voltage

75 V

Spraying System

Pressure Nozzle

Remote Control


Working Time

45 mins

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