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Alphaswift Industries is here to provide the best custom design, modification, and integration of drone solutions for our customers.

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We can customize and retrofit existing drone to allow for more versatile usage and higher performance output. We can also design and build an entirely new drone to fit a specialized purpose. We also provide a drone solution framework for our customers, allowing them to fully understand and utilize drone as a functional tool to upgrade their businesses.

  • Retrofit and repurpose the existing drone to perform the other tasks with ease.

  • Upgrade the existing hardware and software.

  • Design and build a drone from the ground up, fulfilling the top-level requirements.

  • Integrate the new drone into a system of systems.

  • Build a drone solution framework that is required to run your drone business.

  • Provide the appropriate drone hardware and software.


Customize and retrofit


Many of our clients have already invested in their own drones or more complicated drone, which is well-suited for a specific task. When they want to perform another task, e.g to deliver cargo or to collect air quality samples, it is often difficult or even impossible with their existing drones or drone. We help our customers in these situations to retrofit and repurpose their existing drone to perform the other tasks with ease. We can also help to upgrade the hardware and software to achieve higher performance.


Being one of the biggest names in the industry, almost everybody who is involved in the drone business has heard of or even owned one DJI drone. We have the expertise to modify the hardware of the DJI drone and have it perform specialized missions of your choice.


We have extensive experience in modifying and tuning drones that run on the open-sourced Ardupilot autopilot firmware. The capabilities of Ardupilot are immense and there are no limitations to what you can achieve with this autopilot software.


Another popular open-source autopilot firmware is the PX4. Very similar to the Ardupilot firmware, we are also capable of tuning and modifying the PX4 firmware to perform various missions needed.

Integrate to perfection


There are cases where the existing drone in the market cannot comply with the requirements set by the customer, e.g. high capacity payloads or highly advanced and complicated missions. We have the expertise to design and build a drone from the ground up, fulfilling the top-level requirements set by the customer, and integrate it into the existing systems already in place for the customer.


We will work with our customers to find out the specific top-level requirement, and then design a drone that complies with the mission objectives. Specifications such as the payload type and weight, endurance, and flight distance are extremely important for an efficient aircraft design. We will select the optimum combination of the power system and propulsion, combined with a suitable structure and software to complete the drone.


We have built countless drones throughout our career and we have vast experience in manufacturing drone from scratch. We will create a Build of Materials list and we will fabricate the drone according to the design. We incorporate the latest technology in the manufacturing process, utilizing CFRP and laser 3D printers to create very strong and light structures.


The final stage will be to test the aircraft. We will conduct multiple tests and fly the aircraft to achieve various milestones. This is the final but the most important step, as the aircraft has to be tested rigorously to ensure safety and mission compliance. After the test flight, the drone will be delivered to our customers.

Solve all problems in one solution


Alphaswift Industries can also help customers build their own drone solution. By leveraging on our network in the drone industry, we can help customers build a drone solution framework that is needed to run a drone business. These include providing the appropriate drone hardware and software, operators, licenses, training, business model, insurance, drone maintenance, business connections, and more. We will guide our customers who are interested to build a business with drone technology and lead them towards profitability.







Aerial Photography

A multicopter with four propellers is called a quadcopter. Quadcopters are relatively inexpensive, smaller, lighter, and have a higher endurance (flight time) compared to multicopters with more motors of the same weight category. There is a compromise on safety for all the advantages. Quadcopters do not have motor redundancies. A single motor failure can cause the aircraft to be uncontrollable and may lead to disastrous results. An often method to counteract this is to install a parachute, which will in return increase the weight of the aircraft.







Heavy Payload
Agricultural Sprayer

A hexacopter is a multicopter with six propellers. Hexacopters very powerful and can lift very heavy loads, but are more expensive, bigger, heavier, and have a shorter endurance (flight time) compared to quadcopters. However, there is a significant advantage for hexacopters. With six propellers, hexacopters have redundancy on motor failures. With a single motor failure, the hexacopter is still able to maintain stability and controllability with the five remaining motors, further increasing the safety factor of the aircraft.

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