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We are a group of professionals

who believe that UAS, or commonly known as drones, will be a vital tool to help promote growth in various industries.

About the company

Alphaswift Industries provides 3 main services:

  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) tuning and modification.

  • Specialized UAS design and system of systems integration.

  • Building a new UAS solution framework for bespoke clients.

We provide high end, specialized, enterprise-level UAS to be the go-to equipment for the industries that can utilize them for their day to day operations.

The best tailored services

What makes us different?

We at Alphaswift Industries position ourselves at a new angle, providing services where no other companies are doing - Specialized UAS design and modification. We help to retrofit and modify drones from other brands to achieve higher performance or to complete other specialized tasks.

There are two main categories of business in the enterprise level UAS industry: Selling a pre-designed mass-produced UAS and selling the operational service.

Plenty of famous brands that design and manufacture very well made UAS and are easily available in the market. However, the drones are typically designed to perform a single task and are not suitable for other tasks.

Plenty of drone service providers are also in the market to operate and fly the drones for their clients for a fee. However, they have limited operational capabilities, as it is limited by the type of UAS they own.

Alphaswift Industries stands out by providing a differentiated service: We can work on improving our customer’s existing drones or design an entirely new UAS that fits our customer’s needs.

We understand the technology
We understand the customers


To provide the best custom design, modification, and integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Unmanned Ground Vehicle solutions for our customers.


To bring sustainable air transportation to the world by building affordable electric aircraft for the mass market.

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Dr. Shian Lee


Albert Chan


Edward Lim

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