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Transmission Poles and Towers Inspection

One-click panorama, innovating data visualization, inspection and management


Tower equipment is typically extremely complex, with a high amount of environmental factors to consider when inspecting. Multi-rotor UAV can be used to carry out detailed inspections, and the complex and changeable route trajectory is recorded through Autel's teaching algorithm, with the details of angles and time stamps memorized and saved for future use. Accurate re-shooting, importing 360° panoramas into GIS system for visual management, AI research and judgment, timely alarms and response to tower structural defects and temperature abnormalities, generating abnormal trend analysis reports, all combine to realize a multi-dimensional, independent and highly intelligent inspection routine.

Pain Points

High Human Cost

Manual inspections take a long time to commute, tower climbing is inefficient and has high safety risks, and the frequency and accuracy often fail to meet quality standards of inspections.

Complex Flight Environment

The environment around the tower equipment is complex, with many obstacles, insufficient light, and strong signal interference.

Lacking Consistency

The same point data does not have the ability to repeat the comparison of information collected each time, and there is a problem of repeated or missing shots, which cannot be processed uniformly through GIS information.

Difficult Post-Processing

Lack of systematic and visual management models and tools, and high labor processing costs.

Business Value

Smart Task Recording

Record the flight trajectory of the UAV through a teaching method to generate a three-dimensional route, realize autonomous inspection by one-key flight, record once, and reuse for a long time, effectively solving the problem of route data acquisition in a complex environment without models.

Accurate Reshoots

The on-board RTK module realizes centimeter-level flight deviation correction, and AI support can automatically correct the shooting angle of the gimbal, ensuring that each point is accurately re-shot at the same coordinates and angles, improving and simplifying the convergence of sample data.

One-click Panorama, GIS Application Support

Perform 'One-click Panorama' shooting above the tower to obtain 360° surrounding environment samples, and then import the tower and panoramic photos into the GIS system to build a database for visual planning and management.

Dual-light AI Analysis

Equipped with a three-axis stabilized gimbal, equipped with a high-definition visible light + 640x512 pixel thermal imaging dual-light lens, the image is sent back to the Autel SkyCommand Center, with AI quickly able to identify structural defects and temperature abnormalities of a tower.

Automatic Inspection Reports

After an inspection is completed, Autel SkyCommand Center will automatically generate a complete inspection report, including the inspection time, the list of towers covered by the route, the list of abnormal towers, abnormal descriptions and corresponding images, and the number of abnormal towers and abnormal trend analysis by cycle.

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