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Drones for

Precision Farming

Thousands of businesses across all industries are already using drones to improve their operations. Every business is different. We can provide you with your own unique drone solution to scale your business.

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Agriculture - Crop spraying

G Series Agriculture Multicopter Drone

Alphaswift’s latest agricultural sprayer drone, the G series is a versatile combination of different numbers of motors and tank capacity. We will install and tune the best setup depending on your requirements. Equipped with front, back, and downward-facing obstacle sensors and user-friendly planning software, the G series can operate safely in all kinds of terrain and perform crop spraying duties with unprecedented efficiency.


6 motors setup

20 L tank capacity


6 motors setup

30 L tank capacity

Agriculture - Long Endurance Operation

F30 Hybrid Drone

The another Alphaswift Industries's powerful product, F30 is a hybrid drone which powered by gasoline and it is capable of 28L of payload volume and 45 mins of working time in one run. It can also cover 6 hectares of the working area in one tank of gasoline/petrol.

Electric power

Smart LiPo Batteries

Our drones are powered by Tattu LiPo batteries. We are the authorized dealer of Tattu LiPo batteries, which is a prestigious brand in the battery industry. With the quick charging technology and ultra-high capacity, flying with just a few packs of batteries for the whole day is now a possibility. The ever-increasing demand for LiPo batteries has prompted us to invest in battery repair and restoration technology, allowing us to help our customers reduce battery wastage and operational costs.

Tattu 1.0

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Tattu Pro

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Tattu 3.0

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Unmanned Aircraft System

All components in one place

We packaged all the components that are required for your operation into two simple choices: Fast-charge and slow-charge. Choose between the fast charging batteries or the slow charging batteries, and head down to the farm to start your drone operation right away.

6 motors slow charge
Starting from RM 26,928.00

6 motors fast charge
Starting from RM 27,720.00

Custom Designed Drones

We have the expertise to design and build a drone from the ground up, fulfilling your top-level requirements, and integrate it into your existing systems already in place. We know what is the best size and configuration to lift your payload. To put it simply, we can pretty much lift anything into the air and make them work for you.

Tailor-made quadcopters

Lightweight and multipurpose

Payload up to 7kg

Our most popular light quadcopter is the Q1000. With a payload capacity of up to 7 kg, the Q1000 drone can be installed with almost any kind of camera: surveillance, mapping, or even movie shooting. Paired with a 15 km long-range video transmission and remote control, it is now possible to perform unmanned drone missions like never before.

Customized hexacopter drone

Heavy lift and versatile

Payload up to 20kg

For payloads of up to 20 kg, we have the powerful H1600 hexacopter to help you out. We have designed the H1600 to be the simplest heavy load drone, built to carry just about anything from delivery cargo to spectrum analyzers. Pair the H1600 with a ground control station to perform everyday tasks in the most professional and efficient way.

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