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Transmission Line Inspection

Integration of inspection, analysis and action, real-time perception of the health status of transmission lines


Carry out intelligent inspection of overhead lines through utilization of fixed-wing UAVs, take high-definition aerial photos of line passages, surrounding environments, intersections along lines, construction operations, etc. This process is especially important for key power supply lines, old lines, identifying defects and external lines. Lines that break through high-risk areas can be supported via a normal inspection schedule by drones, easily identifying environmental health of transmission line channels in real time, and effectively promote the digital and intelligent transformation of power grid inspections.

Pain Points

Management Troubles

Continuous increase of inspection tasks leads to manpower shortage, inspection paths easily disrupted and changed.

Low Inspection Efficiency

3D waypoint planning is complex and labor-intensive, a single inspection takes a long time, often leading to a large backlog of tasks.

Slow Response To Defects

Abnormal situations cannot be fed back in real time, situation descriptions lack standards, and ineffective communication leads to ultimately slow responses to repairing defects.

Large Environmental Impact

Weather and environments are naturally complex, fight platforms need to be able to maintain stable and efficient operations in various adverse environments.

Business Value

Smart Route Planning

Support remote real-time import of transmission channel kml files through the remote control or Autel SkyCommand Center, and use the set of route reference points to quickly generate route planning.

High-efficiency Inspections

Based on the self-developed Autonomy technology, the flight platform can realize autonomous flight along the route, without manual setting of 3D waypoint planning; the flight time with load is up to 158min, the flight speed is up to 108km/h, and the longest inspection of a single sortie is 60km, and it can fly at night, in rain and snow Stable operation under adverse natural conditions such as fog and haze.

Autonomous Inspection, A New Generation

Equipped with Dragonfish Nests, Autel UAV lead the industry by being completely remotely operated, and autonomous inspection can be realized without professional pilots. By installing Autel repeaters, there is no fear of signal blocking by mountains a smooth, real-time control of an operation.

Automatic Inspection Reports

After an inspection is completed, the AutelSkyCommand Center will automatically generate a complete inspection report, including inspection time, inspection line double number, route coverage section, listing abnormal intervals, abnormal descriptions and corresponding images, and assist in judging the status of lines.

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