Published December 30, 2022

Build your own autonomous drone

Ever wondered how autonomous drones function and how to get them up and running? Turns out, it's not all rocket science! Come join Alphaswift in building your own autonomous drone solution.

Build your own autonomous drone

We live in a day and age where autonomous vehicles are commonplace. Self-driving cars being one of them, and they are designed to drive autonomously on the road. It is a very complex problem, because there are so many different scenarios to judge and the computer on the car may not be as experienced as a seasoned driver. This is a challenging problem where many car manufacturers are trying to conquer, and thus reducing traffic accidents. Airline jets are also equipped with sophisticated autopilot systems, alleviating the burden of the pilots during long haul flights. The autopilot takes care of the take-off, cruise, and even landing of the flight, literally the whole journey. Think about that on your next flight.

Here at Alphaswift, we are building multicopter drones for the industrial usage. The difference between a drone and a RC multicopter is that a drone is able to operate autonomously without any pilot input. In fact, any type of vehicle that is fully autonomous is a drone, whether it be flying or swimming. We are excited to share with the world about what we have learned, and we would like you to be part of this journey.

Join our partner's classes and learn more about how it works, and what are the limitations of this autonomous drone technology. We have designed a course based on the very reliable open-sourced autopilot firmware, Ardupilot. You will be presented with a challenge, a very interesting challenge where you will be required to assemble and program your very own multicopter drone, by giving a set of instructions to your drone and then watching it perform to your command.

Alphaswift is the official distributor of (Pixhawk Cube products). Pixhawk Cube is the hardware that stores the autopilot software. Think of it as a very powerful Arduino that runs your vehicle. Connect your Pixhawk Cube with various sensors and peripherals: GPS, cameras, LED lights, servos and etc. Pixhawk Cube is a very reliable microcontroller, and we are also using this hardware in our industrial grade autonomous drones.

You will be able program your own drone to do crazy things. Pixhawk + Ardupilot is a very powerful combo. You will unlock the potential to design your own autonomous ground vehicle, multicopter, boats, submarines, and many more. Design and build your own chassis or frame, 3D print them, or just nail a few pieces of wood together. Then, install the Pixhawk + Ardupilot combo on it and off it goes, doing tasks like the Mars rover.

We are very excited to see what you will build!

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